Learn How to Write for Your Business

Powerful one-to-one training to help grow your business.

Learn copywriting & marketing techniques tailored to work for your business.

Wouldn’t it be great to write strong sales & marketing material yourself, instead of having to rely on someone else?

You want to learn how to write with persuasive influence, but what if a traditional copywriting course doesn’t feel right?

Maybe you don’t want to learn generic copywriting skills you’ll never use. Maybe you want something better suited to your own specific business challenges and objectives.

Those online writing courses with thousands of students at different stages of progression aren’t for you. They don’t provide individual feedback on your copy and the pace doesn’t fit with the projects you’re working on anyway.

You simply want to learn how to write for your business in a way that supercharges your marketing.

All your marketing efforts involve knowing how to write for your business:

  • Blog posts and authority articles
  • Newsletter sequences
  • Sales pages
  • Content marketing
  • Social media activities
  • Adverts
  • Outreach & PR
  • Product launches
  • Video scripts

You want to sell, entertain, and inform.

Everything involves putting words together in a way that work and this means strategizing as well as writing.

So you try to teach yourself.

You pull together information from Youtube and blogs to learn to write for your business because these resources are immediate and you can seek out just the information you want. And you hope you know that you know what you want, because of course, it’s the things you don’t know you need to know that get in the way.

There’s no doubt about it. The trial & error way of running a business is a hard slog.

What if there was a writing course built around your business and your marketing needs?

When I launched, it felt I had a business and not just a blog. I’ve purchased online courses before but the value of this personal mentorship leaves them in the dust.

P Rishi, US

Learn how to write for your business

When you’ve invested so much time, effort, and money in your online business, you want to nurture it with the right nutrients to help it grow.

Writing is one of the crucial nutrients your business needs because words are the building blocks of your sales and marketing material. When you learn how to write for your business, you give form to your personality and values in a way that connects. Your words persuade, inform, and entertain. They attract the right people, and politely show the door to those who aren’t a good fit for your business.

Words are how they see you online and whenever you write on your website or social media on behalf of your business, you’re marketing your business.

Learn while you run your business

I teach you to write for your business in the classroom of your own business.

  • No more generic concepts
  • No more sharing your private business affairs with strangers
  • No more wondering if you’re doing it right

Words and marketing go together

You use words everywhere – from your sales pages and brochures through to blog posts and social media updates. Anyone can put words together, but making words work is something else.

Beware the echo chamber – it’s bad for business

The “echo chamber” is something you may have already noticed yourself. It’s when businesses start sounding like each other online because of boundary interference. Not knowing how to present their values and personality effectively, people start writing the way their peers and competitors are writing.

They talk about the same topics in the same way and pretty soon, it’s bland. It’s all much of a muchness.

Learn to write with the same confidence you deliver your service

In this tailored course, you’ll learn to plan and combine your words with a marketing frame of mind to grow your business.

You’ll incorporate your personality as much as you want to, and you learn how to present information on a page for an online audience. Presentation matters as much as the words do because people read differently online than they do in print.

You don’t need a huge vocabulary or a background in writing. All you need is the willingness to learn how to write for your business.

  • Discover how to write for all aspects of your business, including sales pages, marketing material, blog posts, and much more!
  • Receive focus, accountability, personal direction and feedback on your copy.
  • Develop your business without having to reveal private fears, goals, and strategies to strangers.

Your business and psychology go together

There’s the psychology of meeting the customer where they are in the buying process. And then there’s the psychology of the relationship you have with your own business.

As an NLP Master (qualified 2006) I’ve coached hundreds of people with techniques that leave you empowered. I’m fully trained, experienced, and above all, discreet. I’ve helped people overcome serious childhood trauma, breakups, confidence issues, and a range of troubles that affect the way you deal with life and business today.

  • Become more confident, focused, and decisive
  • Address thought patterns that keep you from moving forward
  • Infuse your writing and marketing with your personality

Imagine the boost to your business if you had an experienced coach guiding your hand, showing you how to write for your business and present it the way it looks in your mind. Showing you how to tighten your copy, how to elicit a certain response with your marketing material, how to choose topics that matter to your clients.

In just a few months, you’ll find yourself far more confident and effective in marketing your business in everything you write.

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Become fluid at communicating your message for different platforms and audiences.

Wednesday Genius Website Audit Fixes Yoru Website to get more traffic and get more salesMake Money.

Write compelling, attention-grabbing copy with a call-to-action at every stage of the buying cycle.

Wednesday Genius Website Audit Fixes Yoru Website to get more traffic and get more salesBuild Authority.

Create meaningful relationships that inspire trust, confidence, and value

Jessica Barnaby Copywriter, Design, Brand Strategy and Marketing

I’m Jessica Barnaby, your writing coach

I’m a creative business writer with a hands-on background in tech, marketing, and business operations. I help grow your business with words.

I’ve run my own businesses since 2000 and contracted as Operations Director for three start-ups. Clients include multinationals like Diageo and Relx (previously Reed Elsevier) through to solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and restaurants.

And now I’m here to help you learn how to write for your business…

  • Because you need ways to reach the customers who need you
  • Because you need to meet customers at all stages of the buying cycle
  • Because effective marketing keeps your business vision strong and healthy.

Because in the online world, everything people know about your integrity comes from your words

I first hired Jessica to write my About page and when I started a new business, hired her to coach me with the setup and marketing. She’s taught me an awful lot about copywriting and SEO. She was a sounding board for my ideas and helped me get clear on how to write for my customers with a regular posting schedule. She’s generous with her information and so easy to work with. Thank you, Jessica!

D Marks, UK/France

How it works: 6-Month Writing Course

You have one session a week for six months. Sessions take place by phone, Whatsapp, or Zoom.

The program is fully tailored to your needs and the first session is an intake, lasting 2-3 hours where we establish the starting point and identify goals.

Over the course of the program, I teach you essential copywriting and marketing principles, weaving them into the fabric of your business, helping you put the learnings into practice.

You will learn:

  • How to identify what your clients want to know from you
  • How to speak to clients in a way that resonates with them
  • How to structure copy for different formats and platforms
  • How to align your voice with your personality, client base, and ambitions
  • How to drive traffic to your website
  • How to convert visitors into buyers
  • How to build relationships with your words
  • How to use SEO without losing engagement
  • How to protect yourself from limiting beliefs that stop you from writing with authenticity

You receive clarity and support to write for sales, for information, for adverts, brochures, and social media. If you need technical knowledge about website maintenance, we cover that too.

A One-Year mentorship is also available.

Having someone on the other end of the phone to answer my questions and put me right makes me feel secure and safe. Jessica’s teaching me to get comfortable in my business.

L Ryan, UK

Enjoy full peace of mind

This program lasts 6 months, we have formally arranged weekly phone sessions, and the fee is capped.

Here’s what this means:

  • You can contact me as much as you like with questions about the material you are working on, every day if you need to.
  • You’ll never be asked to pay more (unless you hire me specifically for something else.)
  • This is a writing course, so I won’t be doing the writing for you. But I will be editing alongside you so you learn professional strategies and best practices.

In other words, you’ve got a professional, well-experienced writer with a strong business & marketing background helping you grow your business with every word you write. All for a fixed fee with absolutely zero hidden costs.

This course has been created for business owners who depend on their websites and blogs to be their sales tools and attract clients


  • You have a business website or blog that you write yourself (or will be starting one)
  • You want to write – you don’t have to be a writer, but you should enjoy writing (or at least, not hate it)
  • You’re happy to discuss your business with me – to make things work, I need to know what’s been tried and what’s not working. Confidentiality assured.

Start your journey to better writing for your business

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