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Jessica Barnaby Copywriter, Design, Brand Strategy and Marketing

I’m Jessica and I Will PERSONALLY Help You Establish Your Authority & Grow Your Business

I’ve got 20 years in the field. More if you include the 10 years before that in the corporate world.

Is this you? You’ve got skills and you’re looking for business help that goes deeper than “pimp yourself on social media.

I’ve run my own businesses since 2000 and contracted as Operations Director for three independent start-ups.

I help you at every stage of your business. From identifying your skillset and your customer, packaging up your product or service in words, presenting you as the authority in your field, and getting the word out.

A bit of a polymath, I bring much expertise & fluency to the table:

  • Business Development
  • Copywriting
  • Ghostwriting
  • Mindset & Skills Coaching
  • Art: Fine-art & digital
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Digital marketing
  • Computer Programming & web technologies

Wednesday Genius meets the demands and expectations of busy business owners, bloggers, and solopreneurs who want a job done without having to hunt around for all the various skillsets.

Real-world Experience

The first ten years of my career were with multinationals and corporates. The last twenty have been solo.

I’ve worked with a huge range of clients on many different business models. Clients include coaches, solopreneurs, inventors, artists, writers, restaurants, freelancers, and agencies.

Everything I teach and do for you is based on real-world practical experience.

  • Business strategy and planning: build strategic goals, a strong mindset, and structured implementation
  • Copywriting & marketing: resonate with your target market for increased engagement and sales
  • Products: create ebooks, brochures, and material that serves your long-term goals

Fixed rates offer great value with no hidden surprises. I quote per project and provide rolling retainers for larger projects and ongoing work.

“I’m a coach and Jessica brought me to life on my website. If you’re on the fence about hiring Jessica, just do it! She listens and gets in your head to really understand what you’re all about and what you want.”

– K. Davis, UK

Jessica coached me with tools I’ve never heard of before and helped me gain the confidence to pursue a more lucrative client type.

I was a single mom, my company down-sized leaving me scrambling to set up something on my own. It was a desperate time and somehow I found Jessica with her quiet, unflappable manner. Nothing fazes her! She’s kept me calm and respects my business as if it were her own. She’s not afraid to challenge my thinking and her questions constantly help me open new doors.

I’m on retainer with Jess. Her services are as important to me as my customers are.

– S. Lambert, US

Wednesday Genius, Copywriting, Illustrations, Business Coaching, Branding, Marketing Consultations, Website AuditLet me know what you need and I’ll put together a package that gets you the results you are after.

And if you’re not sure what you need, get in touch anyway. Discovery calls are free and I’m easy to talk to.

No more sleepless nights trying to do it all yourself!

Business Development & Coaching

With 20 years of practical business experience, I teach techniques and strategies that stand the test of time. An NLP Master and trained psychotherapist, I know how to listen between the words and steer you to success. Comprehensive personal coaching on business development, copywriting, content marketing, and more. One-to-one sessions and we work on exactly what you need.

Website Copy

I study your market and write your blog posts, core pages, sales pages and articles in line with your business and marketing goals. The tone and personality of the writing resonate with your audience to build your authority and trust. The material respects the search engines too.

Marketing Collateral

I design and write your brochures, leaflets, adverts, taglines, product descriptions, newsletters, and social posts. All in your voice and with your objectives built-in.


As a long-established ghostwriter, I write blog posts and keynote articles to cement themes and messages. I also research and write e-books and opt-ins to establish your authority. Of course my lips are sealed. Nobody will ever know I wrote it (unless you tell them.)

Content Marketing

Content marketing is SEO-rich, engaging long-form content that helps you rank on page 1 of google. It’s immensely useful to the reader, highly sharable and search engines love it. Combine it with my Outreach service and you’ll extend your reach rapidly.

Email Marketing

I plan and write your email marketing sequences. It’s one of the most effective ways to build and maintain relationships for higher engagement and sales conversion.

Outreach and Publicity

With over 20 years experience, I have the contacts and tools to help get your site noticed. I write and send out press releases too.

Website Audit & Optimisation

I turn your website into a magnet for customers and search engines alike. I check that it’s supporting your business objectives and doing its job. I look for SEO problems, clarity, resonance, and anomalies. I’ll make tweaks and install analytics software too if you don’t have it. This is all about making sure your website’s working for you the way you need it to.


I identify and document your brand guidelines so you can maintain consistency across your communications and media formats. This includes fonts, colours, spelling, tone of voice and much more. I help you build templates for efficiency.


Customized hand-drawn and digital artwork to accent your website, products, and brand.

How can you find someone to write what’s inside your head? And in fact, not even inside your head but floating around in the ether somewhere, nebulous at best?

I was looking for a miracle worker – someone who could transform my thoughts and feelings into a clear, impactful, and professional document. Someone who could write a paper that wowed!

Not only did Jessica exceed my every expectation (and I confess my expectations tend to be prohibitively high,) she made the process enjoyable and relaxed. She was so professional – well-structured, asking the right questions – and at the same time creative and intuitive.

She managed to transform my barrage of words, documents, voice messages, and ESP messages into something brilliant. I trusted her implicitly, right from the start. I could not be prouder to share what she created for me, and to have her words representing me and my business. Her work is truly genius!


J. Harig


I’m not a good networker and after six months of coaching, it’s become less of an issue. Knowing how and where to focus my outreach has taken a lot of the pain away. I’d recommend personal coaching to anyone who’s tired of scraping by on trial & error.


S. Kumar


Jessica has been creating marketing material for us since 2017 and gets the tone and image right every time. Bonus, she works with the printer and deals with all the bleeds and wotnot that makes no sense to us. It’s a breath of fresh air outsourcing to a professional of her caliber.


P. Kaminski


Wednesday Genius, Copywriting, Illustrations, Business Coaching, Branding, Marketing Consultations, Website AuditLet me know what you need and I’ll put together a package that gets you the results you are after.

And if you’re not sure what you need, get in touch anyway. Discovery calls are free and I’m easy to talk to.

Contact me: hello@wednesdaygenius.com